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Let’s unite, thrive, and secure a brighter future together.

SureLog offers potential partners to join forces in a mutually beneficial alliance.

The focus of SureLog is on empowering security and growth through collaboration. By combining its cutting-edge SIEM solutions with the partner’s expertise, the aim is to secure customers’ IT infrastructure, redefine cybersecurity ROI, build a trusted relationship, and amplify commercial benefits for all.

The partnership promises innovative tools that yield comprehensive insights for tailored security strategies, faster threat detection, and proactive defense.

Beyond fortifying businesses, the alliance opens doors to new revenue streams, and market expansion, offering diversified and competitive security products.

SureLog emphasizes that the future of cybersecurity lies in collaboration, and together, we can set a new standard of excellence in the industry. 

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Diversified product offering

Add SIEM to product portfolio and allow your customers to have a comprehensive cybersecurity solution. Attract new clients and help retain existing ones.

Additional revenue streams

Generate additional revenue through licensing fees, support services, and upselling with other security-related products.

Marketing and sales support

Marketing materials, sales training, and support to help effectively position and promote SureLog SIEM solution to your potential customers.

Competitive advantage

Differentiate from competitors and give your customers a competitive advantage to chose your company.

Expertise and credibility

Partner with reputable SIEM vendor SureLog, demonstrate expertise in cybersecurity and strengthens credibility in the market.

Cover different customer segments

With SME and Enterprise solutions, SureLog allows to address right security requirements.

Access to new technologies

Gain access to the latest SIEM technologies and updates, offer cutting-edge solutions to your customers.

Higher profit margins

Receive discounted pricing and set competitive prices and earn higher profit margins on each sale.

Customer retention

Improve customer retention rates, as clients often prioritize security and are more likely to continue using a reseller’s services if they address these concerns.



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Start detecting suspicious activity in real-time, transform raw logs into a robust security data lake, and build a world-class security program with SureLog.

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