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Detect cyber threats and increase overall security with

World Leader in Efficiency: Redefining Standards with 10 to 40 Times Less Hot Log Disk Usage!

At SureLog, we’re proud to present the leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution designed specifically to address your needs for minimal hot log disk usage. Our cutting-edge technology not only ensures optimal performance but also significantly reduces disk costs, allowing you to stay compliant with laws and regulations worldwide.

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Breaking Boundaries:

The Exclusive Solution Achieving Unmatched SANS EPS Calculation Table Results!

Detect, Correlate, and Secure with SureLog – The Future of SIEM

The first and only SIEM built for both detection by intelligent correlation engine (Complex Event Processing and Streaming) and Detection as Code

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Real-time Visibility

Effortlessly monitor network devices in real-time and detect potential threats sooner.

Automated Compliance

Simplify and automate regulatory compliance reporting to avoid costly fines and audits.

Threat Detection

Quickly identify and stop advanced persistent threats before they cause significant damage.

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Best for the combination of correlation, disk and system requirements, and price.

“We instantly began monitoring the bulk of our servers, applications, and infrastructure after implementing SureLog SIEM. We use small disk space to maintain our logs in a hot state for years. Also, we implemented hundreds of use cases to detect attacks. Analytical and correlation capabilities are the main criteria for choosing Surelog. Also, license costs, log system requirements, and disk requirements impressed us”

Good Choice With Strong Features

“We liked the diversity of the services, especially in correlation. We updated our disk management policy for logs to keep logs hot for 3 years. You can use this product for only regulations, but other feature like correlation helps us to decide”

Manager, IT Services

SureLog Is An Efficient And Cost Effective SIEM Platform

“very easy to implement and integrate with various log sources. There are quite a lot of out-of-box correlation rules that are very helpful.”

VP, IT Security and Risk Management, IT Services

Customizable And Cost Effective SIEM Solution

“As a SureLog SIEM user, we use all the features of th product effectively. Surelog SIEM does exactly what is says”

Director, IT Security and Risk Management, Manufacturing

Surelog SIEM Is Game Changer

“A manufacturer that should definitely be given a chance”

IT Security & Risk Management Associate, Government

SureLog Revievs

Mustafa Ergün
Mustafa Ergün
Surelog review Overall: Surelog is a user-friendly, simple, easy-to-use product. It never misses. It logs even 150.000 EPS in a healthy way as soon as you ask me to. Siem is what the black box of the plane is. That's why surelog software indexes all columns of all log sources very reliable. For example, while some siemler indexes only 3 areas of the fortigate firewall, surelog indexes and displays the entire area. It is a very fast product. When we scan the archive log, we can get results quickly. The correlations that some siem products cannot write are written here quickly. Keeps a lot of logs and works with few resources Pros: I like the feature of keeping a lot of logs with the least amount of resources. For example, while other siem products keep a live log for 1 week with a 35 TB storage unit, it has the ability to keep a live log for 6 months with a Surelog 4 TB storage unit. This is a concept that makes you profit from disk CPU and ram, which costs you investment. Cons: There is nothing I like least about this software. All in all a good product
Murat Mutlu
Murat Mutlu
Surelog SIEM Pros: It's using low computers resource. Accurate log collection and software working very well. Reports and notifications are well designed. Very advanced taxonomy module. Easy access to past logs. Cons: There are no problems with the software.
Bahri Colak
Bahri Colak
SIEM software Pros: Network Monitoring , Behavioral Analytics , Threat Intelligence Cons: There is no difficulty in line with our current needs.
Soner Çakır
Soner Çakır
Korozo Group - Surelog Review Overall: We haven't experienced any major problem so far but needed support for database repair, missing logs or reporting problems, support team is well trained & dedicated, on the other hand an SIEM product should be desinged to handle large data infrastructures. No shared dashboard options. No AD integration. Editing or Creating corealations not so hard but still requires basic SQL knowledge. My humble oppinion is Ajax infrastructure is a must for this product also PhpExcel library would solve Excel exporting limitations. Pros: Easy to deploy, easy to adapt, user friendly interface Cons: Requires high resources to run, queries are slow, excel exporting is relatively limited, database stability is arguable.
Jeevagan Ajithprasad
Jeevagan Ajithprasad
Very Satisfaction Pros: Accurate log collection and software working very well Cons: Nothing to say any thing from our side overall very satisfied.
Rajaram Muthu
Rajaram Muthu
More secure and durable. Overall: Surelog is very useful while auditing period for generating logs. Pros: Sure log dashboard looks great and easy to understand. Cons: some features are not in English language to understand but overall good product
Veysel Kula
Veysel Kula
SureLog Pros: Make sure the Disk Capacity is very low... Cons: Does not support poor quality brands....
Anil Havuc
Anil Havuc
Surelog is the right solution you can use. Pros: The support is very good and the setup was easier than we expected. Cons: looking like a new product and getting used to the menus.
Mustafa Beyaz
Mustafa Beyaz
SureLog SIEM is excellent ! Pros: Easy deployment, easy of use and not very expensive. Also, it's using mid-range computers resource. In addition, support team and documentaion is really strong. Cons: There is no point we don't like It hasn't been a problem so far
SureLog SIEM Pros: Surelog is easy to install and can be quickly incorporated into business processes. Cons: There is nothing that I don't like. A very useful application when configured correctly.

Why SureLog SIEM?

  • Write 3x – 4x throughput compared to Elastic search (ES)
  • Data scanning speed during query processing ~5x query speed of ES
  • Hot (alive, online, immediately available) logs compression ratio is 40x – 100x compared to Elastic search (ES)

Deploy a multi-layer detection system, since no single detection method can find all threats.

The power of SureLog SIEM

siem, siem tools

Real-time threat detection

The software’s AI-powered the engine can analyze vast amounts of data in real-time to detect and alert on threats before they can do harm.

siem hot log

Hot Log Compression

Disk costs matter. Reducing data size by compression and cutting SIEM costs is an efficient SIEM cost management practice.

siem surelog features

Uncover the invisible

The Software analyzes large amounts of data from various sources to detect complex security threats.

Benefits of SureLog SIEM

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A Competitive Edge with Our SIEM Solutions!

Security intelligence, Business Advantage, and Expanding Market Share with the trusted partnership of SureLog

siem, siem tools, siem solutions
siem, siem tools

Referenced in Master Theses

With its distinctive technological infrastructure, it is a SIEM solution that has been used as a reference in master thesis studies and opened to the world.

Cited in Academic Article

SureLog R&D team’s work in cyber security has been used as a reference in dozens of academic articles

Trusted by Leading Organisations, Success Stories

Detect Any Breach, Anywhere

Start detecting suspicious activity in real-time, transform raw logs into a robust security data lake, and build a world-class security program with SureLog.

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Customer Service Officer
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