The Challenge

ERAK was seeking an easy-to-use log management solution and a less complex approach to building a compliancy&log monitoring program at an affordable price.
It sought to empower its IT staff to react faster to compliancy reports and threats throughout its entire network.
ERAK was in the process of executing a strong Security Plan to align the company with comprehensive IT security and compliance goals, such as ISO27001, PCI DSS, GDPR, KVKK, state regulations, and industry best practices initiatives. It was missing an effective security event management solution that could provide alerts and information as well as important insights about the IT environment as a whole.

Looking to Achieve Compliance in Information Security Management

Established by Sait Akarlılar in 1984, ERAK soon became the leading denim and non-denim woven products manufacturer and one of the major exporters of jeans in Turkey under the leadership of its founder who had started his first ready-to-wear manufacturing business in 1960 when he was only 20. Over the years, many world-famous retailers have been ERAK’s customers, owing to ARAK’s acclaimed know-how and consistent use of superior technology.
Over the years, such world-famous brands as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Gant, Rich and Royal, Bench, Fussl, Street One, Ted Baker, Burberry, Mexx, Hugo Boss, Pieszak and Mavi Jeans have been among ERAK’s customers owing to ERAK’sacclaimed know-how and consistent use of cutting age technology.
ERAK is a joint stock company with about 2200 employees, the majority of whom are trade union affiliates.

“We’ve definitely saved a good amount of money because we no longer need to pay much more for log management, and we saved time in general because the need for set up is minimized. SureLoghas made log analysis so much easier.”



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The Process

The organization chose SureLog the industry-leading SIEM&Log Management platform, ERAK is assured that logs are ready and compliant with internal and external policies and laws
ERAK is now saving both time and money because it’s able to overlook costly solutions and save time on forensics analysis. Through the regularresports&analysis they can now easily make better decisions, and the organization is better equipped to be compliant with the mandated policies&laws.
“The price of SureLog is very affordable when compared with competitors. My team’s days of digging through tons of messy logs are over. Now with SureLogwe can confidently see what’s taking place in our network.” said SOKULLU.
We’ve definitely saved a good amount of money because we no longer need to pay much more money for log management, and we save time in general because the need for setup is minimized. It’s also much easier to use SureLogto to analyze logs.

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ERAK was looking for a way to strengthen security capabilities to meet emerging threats. ”Our previous solution was cumbersome when it came to digging through the large volume of data that was generated every day, When I look at the daily report, I need to know what’s noise and what is a security issue that needs to address. ISO27001 compliance reporting was of the utmost importance to us as well,” says Alper.
ERAK is now saving both time and money because it’s able to save time on forensic analysis. Through regular resports&analysis it can now easily manage and understand logs better, and the organization is prepared to comply with the mandated policies&laws.

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