The Challenge

QNB Finansinvest needed to build a cost-effective, enterprise-class security solution that would provide deeper network visibility, identify potential gaps in its network, and ensure compliance with internal and external policies and laws.

QNB Finansinvest SureLog to Build an Affordable Enterprise-Class Cybersecurity Infrastructure

QNB Finansinvest’s IT team had to perform a great deal of manual reporting and data analysis just to see what was happening in its network. This was troubling because it required the team to operate under a reactive security monitoring mindset rather than a proactive security monitoring mindset. QNB Finansinvest came to realize it needed to do something to improve its cybersecurity posture before it became another victim of today’s cyber threat landscape.

QNB Finansinvest was faced with a common challenge for many companies its size: it had a limited budget and resources, so finding the most affordable yet effective security solution was. We needed one solution that could cover all the bases and that’s when we came across SureLog.

My team’s days of digging through tons of messy logs are over. Now with the SureLog Security Monitoring solution filtering our vast number of events down to a clean snapshot view lets us confidently see what’s taking place in our network.”

Erdinç Kapucuoğlu

Head of Information Technology, QNB Finansinvest,

Team working


The company chose SureLog to provides 24/7/365 continuous security monitoring of QNB Finansinvest’s entire IT infrastructure and streamline its cybersecurity policies and procedures. Set out to build a cost-effective, enterprise-class security program by researching solutions that were easy to implement, provide deeper network visibility, and required no additional staff, they found Surelog, which offers real time security monitoring and log management.

It was at this point that Erdinç Kapucuoğlu, Head of Information Technology, began looking at the different approaches, technologies and suppliers that could help secure the environment and achieve ISO27001 compliance. Kapucuoğlu explains the search “We considered a number of options and decided to implement SureLog for compliancy & Log management. SureLog is the most cost-effective Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software in the market.”

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Now QNB Finansinvest has enhanced network visibility into its extensive network that allows for confident security monitoring of all its critical IT assets. QNB Finansinvest provides a broad range of advisory, brokerage, and wealth management services to independent financial professionals, giving them the ability to independently serve their own clients who are primarily individual investors and select institutions.

Benefits of QNB Finansinvest :

  • Implementing security logging
  • Compliance management
  • Reporting
  • QNB Finansinvest is assured that logs are ready and compliant with
    internal and external policies and laws

As SURELOG, our mission is to build a software company that embraces an “open development philosophy” and provides innovative solutions in collaboration with customers specific needs. SURELOG is dedicated to providing the most technologically advanced, Intelligent Log Management Solution available today by enabling customers to efficiently tackle the daunting tasks involved with Log Management while letting customers achieve compliance with stringent government regulations.

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