In the realm of cybersecurity, threat detection is of utmost importance to protect organizations from potential attacks. SureLog SIEM, led by Dr. Ertuğrul AKBAŞ, leverages SQL streaming and materialized views to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of threat detection processes. This article explores the benefits and applications of SQL streaming and materialized views in SureLog SIEM’s threat detection approach.

Streaming Analytics and Freshness:

Streaming analytics, similar to real-time analytics, focuses on data freshness rather than query latency. In streaming analytics, the emphasis is on continuously receiving fresh results based on recent data, such as data generated within the last 30 minutes, 1 hour, or seven days. SureLog SIEM utilizes streaming analytics to provide continuously updated results directly to the application layer, which is particularly useful for alerting applications.

Materialized Views for Enhanced Threat Detection:

Materialized views play a crucial role in improving the efficiency and performance of threat detection in SureLog SIEM. These precomputed result sets, stored as physical tables, capture the output of complex SQL queries. Materialized views are updated incrementally as new data arrives, providing a summarized and optimized representation of the streaming data.

Benefits of Materialized Views in Threat Detection:

1. Improved Query Performance: Materialized views store precomputed aggregations and transformations of streaming data, enabling queries to access summarized data instead of processing the entire data stream. This significantly improves query performance by leveraging the precomputed results stored in the materialized views.

2. Reduced Latency: By accessing materialized views directly, the latency of query execution is reduced. Instead of processing the entire data stream in real-time, queries can directly retrieve up-to-date results from the materialized views. This reduction in latency enhances the speed of threat detection and response.

3. Scalability and Resource Optimization: Materialized views optimize resource utilization by reducing the computational load on streaming platforms. With precomputed results available in materialized views, the streaming platform can focus on processing new data and incrementally updating the views. This enhances the scalability of the threat detection system by efficiently allocating computational resources.

4. Simplified Query Logic: Materialized views simplify the complexity of SQL queries used for threat detection. Analysts can design queries on the materialized views, which capture necessary summarized information, rather than processing complex queries directly on the streaming data. This simplification eases query development and maintenance, allowing security teams to focus on fine-tuning threat detection logic.

Materialized Views and Machine Learning (ML) in SureLog SIEM:

SureLog SIEM harnesses materialized views not only for threat detection but also for building machine learning (ML) models. By utilizing materialized views and applying Complex Event Processing (CEP)- based materialized views for profiling, SureLog SIEM enhances its ML capabilities.

SureLog SIEM SQL streaming engine utilizes materialized views in its offline feature store, which is primarily built to store and access historical feature data. The real-time anomaly detection engine of SureLog SIEM makes use of this feature.


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Anomaly Detection and Real-time Pattern Analysis:

SureLog SIEM combines real-time event feeds from multiple enterprise hosts and applies real-time anomaly queries to identify events that deviate from expected patterns. This enables SureLog SIEM to promptly detect and respond to anomalies in real-time, ensuring proactive threat mitigation.


SureLog SIEM, under the guidance of Dr. Ertuğrul AKBAŞ, employs SQL streaming and materialized views to bolster its threat detection capabilities. By leveraging materialized views, SureLog SIEM achieves improved query performance, reduced latency, scalability, simplified query logic, and enhanced ML capabilities. With its real-time anomaly detection and pattern analysis, SureLog SIEM empowers organizations to detect and respond to threats swiftly, bolstering their overall cybersecurity posture.


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